Senior Moves

We started Baby Boomer Movers with the sole purpose in mind to help our Greatest Generation. The ones who built our railroads, our highway systems, and have battled World Wars and beyond. They came home to rest, and low and behold the Baby Boomers went Boom!

We started BBM in 2014, years after relocating my maternal grandmother from our roots in Chattanooga, Tennessee up to West Hartford, Connecticut. I was saddened what happened to her and 80 other residents being asked to find new accommodations in less than six months. With guidance from key loved ones, they gave me the inspiration to take a leap of faith and start Baby Boomer Movers

BBM Has Partnerships To Assist

Baby Boomer movers works closely with Move Managers and Assisted Living communities throughout Massachusetts

A Little About Our Partners

  • Courtney Brewer Newcomb of Arrange South Shore Marshfield, Massachusetts
  • Ann Newbery of Smooth Transitions
  • We are members of the NASMM and  fully licensed and insured.
  • Move Managers are a great bridge to the assisted living retirement community industry
  • Our partners are an amazing resource. They help scope, plan, and design layout their moves to finite detail
  • BBM works and has worked, with well over 10 regionally based Move Managers though NASMM

Retirement and Assisted Living Moves

Baby Boomer Movers specialize in organizing, downsizing and packing up an elder’s current residence and helping set up their new home. Relocating is a multi-faceted and emotional process, and our professionals are trained to help elders and their family members through it all.

  • Downsizing Done Right

    Moving to a retirement home or assisted living facility means moving into a space that’s already furnished in most cases. Take this into consideration when you’re deciding what to move. Baby Boomer Movers provides options to move things to more than one location. If you want to move some things to the retirement or assisted living facility and move the rest somewhere else, we can do that.


  • Doing the Hard Work for You

    We know that a move to a retirement or assisted living facility usually means moving away from furnished home. Sometimes that can mean having to move an entire house or apartment’s worth of possessions. To make this easier, Baby Boomer Movers offers a pack-and-go service for an additional fee to pack up your home for you, avoiding the hassle and time commitment involved in preparing to move.

    If you or your loved ones need help, we’re more than happy to provide it, ensuring the smoothest move possible. We will work with you to make sure everything is packed delicately with individual attention placed on each item. Plus, we will clearly label everything we pack so finding it later is a breeze.